Lean Concepts

*photographs taken prior to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines

Learning How to Continuously Improve with Lean Concepts

The Rolled Metal Products mission statement emphasizes a culture that is continuously learning, challenging the status quo, and adopting new ideas that make positive impacts at our facilities and our planet. It is easy to say those words, but not as easy to create that culture without the proper tools and roadmap.

RMP-Midwest began working with Evolve Holdings and owner Jason Burt several years ago to discover ways to develop processes based in Lean Thinking and the Toyota Production system. These processes would be an important contributor to business growth and high customer satisfaction. Basic lean training for all of our team was a critical first step to change the way we approach our jobs. Focusing on the elimination of waste in everything we do has changed the way we manage and measure our business.

Using a scientific approach to problem solving, our concentration on machine run time has been a valuable success, allowing identification of the factors that impact our ability to keep our machines running while promoting sustainability. Using 5S activity to keep tools close to point of use and eliminating unnecessary tasks that affected downtime have allowed our run times to increase.

We use our problem-solving techniques to proactively work on safety focus and address concerns before they become an issue.

Evolve Holdings has given us the tools to make our business stronger and provided a roadmap to True North.

At Rolled Metal Products, we are focused on employee safety and on-going training. Topics of focus and on-going training include RACE (fire safety), Caution (safety goggles), and we have made The 5S Methodology a part of our daily practice.

We are devoted to every customer and every order, large and small. Our highly trained sales representatives are market sensitive and knowledgeable about metallurgy and our inventories, services, and resources. We welcome all orders and inquiries and will respond quickly with reliable service and lead times that meet your specific needs. Behind each of our sales representatives are skilled process technicians waiting to support your specific material requirements and processes.

Rolled Metal Products offers prompt service, quality metal, and processes, expert technical support, and high value – all the advantages you look for from a metal processing supplier.

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