Planning Is The Key To Fire Safety In The Workplace

Fire Safety – Are your employees trained?



At Rolled Metal Products, we train our employees annually on the proper fire procedures, and how to properly operate fire extinguishers in case of a fire emergency. We use the R.A.C.E procedure to ensure the safety of our employees. R.A.C.E. is the acronym used to help a person remember the steps to take if there is a fire or an expected fire.



Immediately stop what you are doing and remove anyone in immediate danger to a safe area. Get out as safely and quickly as possible. The less time you and others are exposed to poisonous gases, heat, or flames, the safer everyone will be.



Activate the nearest fire alarm pull stations and call 911.



To contain the fire, during the evacuation, close all doors and windows if it is safe to do so (do not lock).



Everyone is required to evacuate the building and report to an area of refuge.



Retrieve the nearest fire extinguisher and follow the P.A.S.S. procedure:
P = Pull the pin breaking the plastic seal;
A = Aim at the base of the fire;
S = Squeeze the handles together; and
S = Sweep from side to side.


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“Having a crisis plan in place and tested isn’t some no-brainer public relations tactic that practitioners simply tout to boost their bottom-lines. Crisis preparation is a business necessity, a bottom-line discipline that often decides which organizations live and which ones die.”
Adam Smith
Public Relations Tactics (Nov. ’94)