REDUCE YOUR MATERIAL PROCESSING COSTS! Narrow width strip fabricators gain significant productivity with oscillate wound coils. One oscillate-wound coil weighing 2,000 lbs contains the equivalent of 10 ribbon wound coils. That means you save the expense of all those extra changeovers costing you time and money.

Example: Save Over $50,000 per year Consider how much you could be saving with Oscillate Wound Coils. Assume: Material: 201 2B Stainless Steel Strip Monthly Consumption: 40,000 lb.

40,000 lb. per month
Coils Needed
Labor Costs
Ribbon Wound Coil
Oscillate Wound Coil

Conclusion: In this example, Oscillate Wound Coil saves $4,500 per month for total annual savings of $54,000.


  • Fewer changeovers
  • Reduced start-up problems
  • Less scrap
  • Reduced tool fatigue
  • Longer tool life
  • Longer run times
  • Functional welds

… and a significant competitive advantage compared to users of ribbon wound coils

Note: Rolled Metal Products can help you estimate the savings you can realize based on actual usage patterns in your facility. Call for details.

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Oscillate Winding Capabilities

0.003" / 0.125"


0.125" / 1.875"

Max OD 40"
Recoiler ID

16", 20", 5” bore reel