Edge conditioning is the practice of forming the edges of strip to a desired shape beyond the standard slit edge. This is achieved by either machining or skiving the material, based on the edge required. Conditioned edges are extremely useful in industries where the exposed edges of the strip come in external contact with or are handled by processes that require sensitivity.

  • Thickness: .003″ – .190″
  • Width: .110″ – 4.5″
  • Coil Weight: 4000# max.
  • Packaging: Ribbon or oscillate-wound coils
  • Edges: Round, rolled, slit, deburred, square, broken corner or custom edges
Round Edge
Full radius round edge produced by skiving (cutting into layers).
* Commonly referred as #1 Round Edge
Rolled Edge
Modified round edge produced by edge rolls.
Slit Edge
A rotary slit edge that is roughly square with the burr intact.
* Commonly referred as #3 Slit Edge
Deburred Edge
Same as a slit edge except the burr has been eliminated by rolling or filing.
* Commonly referred as #5 Deburred Edge
Squared Edge
Full-square edge produced by skiving.
Broken Corner
Skived edge broken corner.
V Edge
V-shaped edge produced by skiving.
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