Complete In-House Stainless Steel Tempering Services

Tempering, or re-rolling, is a work hardening process used to change the structure and shape of stainless steel without the use of heat.

Instead of heat treatment, the steel is sent through work rolls to apply mechanical stress, achieving precise and uniform gauge reduction.  This results in increased material strength, dimensional accuracy, and surface finish without the need for intermediate anneals.

Tempered stainless steel is often used in applications where the material needs to be bent to a certain degree without the risk of breaking. Common industries that use tempered steel include automotive, oil & gas downhole applications, appliances, and medical devices.

Rolled Metal Products offers complete in-house tempering and re-rolling capabilities to meet a wide variety of gauges and widths to fulfill your toughest material specifications.

Tempering Capabilities
Gauge .010"/.187" OD-Uncoiler 60" Max
Width 1.5"-10" OD-Recoiler 56" Max
ID-Uncoiler 16"/20" Line Speed 270' Per Minute Max
ID-Recoiler 16"/20" Max Weight 5,000# Max