The Metal You Need, When You Need It

Rolled Metal Products is a stocking distributor of stainless steels and other metals in strip form, supplying a variety of manufacturers. We maintain a large inventory ready to ship – contact us for availability.

To access any of our technical blue sheets, please click on an alloy listed below. If you do not see the specific alloy you are looking for, get in touch with one of our specialists today.

Stainless Steel Coil Inventory

Stainless Steel Alloys in Coil Form

Thickness Range: 0.004″ to 0.312″

Special Alloys in Coil Form

Alloy 625 Nickel Base Superalloy
[Cr 21.5, Ni 61, Mo 9.0, Si 0.1, Fe 5.0]

Alloy 718
[Cr 19.0, Ni 52, Mo 3.0, Si 0, Fe 19.0]

Alloy 825
[Cr 21.5, Ni 42, Mo 3.0, Si 0.3, Fe 24]

Aluminum in Coil Form

Mill Finish & Pre-painted Upon Request

CP Titanium Coiled Strip & Foil

Commercially Pure Titanium Grades 1-4

Rolled Metal Products offers Commercially Pure (CP) Titanium Grades 1, 2, 3 & 4. We supply a high quality, precision Sendzimir rolled and tension leveled product, which can be used for deep draw, or stamp and form applications. Our lead times are typically shorter than competitors for a custom produced product. Other Titanium grades may also be supplied.

Carbon Steel in Coil Form


Spiral Duct

Rolled Metal Products stocks thousands of feet of aluminum and stainless steel coil for your sheet metal and spiral duct needs. There are several benefits to choosing spiral duct over rectangular duct for your applications. Their architectural appeal isn’t the only reason why spiral duct has taken center stage as the HVAC ductwork of choice. They’re efficient and help reduce both the manufacturing costs and the costs of installation.

Stainless Steel Precision Coiled Strip for Deep Draw Stamping

Rolled Metal Products is a specialist supplier of deep draw stainless for the most demanding drawn components. Located in the heart of the largest deep draw markets, our inventory includes a wide range of stainless grades used by metal stamping firms using transfer (eyelet), ICOP or progressive die set presses.