workplace checklist

An accident looking for a place to happen may choose a cluttered, dirty work area. You need a clean and orderly workplace to avoid falls, fires and many other kinds of accidents and injuries.

A Safer Workplace

For a safer workplace, use this checklist:


  • Floors are free of water, mud, ice, grease, trash and waste materials.
  • Traffic routes are free of stored materials and tripping hazards such as electrical cables and hoses.
  • Exits and stairways are well marked and kept clear.
  • Fire Extinguishers, kept charged regularly, are not obstructed by stored materials.
  • Trash cans are put where needed and emptied regularly.
  • Oily rags are disposed of in covered metal cans.
  • Lighting is adequate for safety. Burned-out lights are replaced promptly.
  • Tools are cleaned and put away, in designated places after use.
  • Workstations are left clean at the end of the shift.
  • Surfaces and equipment are checked regularly for hazards such protruding nails and rough surfaces.
  • Smoking is confined to designated areas.
    • Ashtrays are available outside.
  • Lunch areas and washrooms are kept clean, dry and free from trash.
  • Machinery is kept clean, free of oil, grease, and dust.
  • Equipment is maintained properly.

At Rolled Metal Products, we are focused on employee safety and on-going training. Topics of focus and on-going training include RACE (fire safety), Caution (safety goggles), and we have made The 5S Methodology a part of our daily practice.

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