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Top 30 Awesome Car Hacks You’ll Love

When it comes to useful car hacks, there are a lot of ingenious car tips and tricks out there. It seems that we’re all getting behind on new car technology, and these helpful tricks can keep you up-to-date with modern car technology even when your car is years behind.

30. Bad weather? Put a sock on your windshield wiper and a bag on your side mirror so they won’t freeze over.


29. In a huge parking lot? Take a picture of where you parked to easily find your way back to your car.


28. Carlock frozen? Use hand sanitizer for a freezing key hole. Just pump a few squirts on your key and insert into your lock.


27. Not sure if you need new tires? Use a coin to measure if you need new tires, if it sinks down past Abe’s forehead your tires are good for a little longer.


26.Car condensation? Place a cloth bag of rice on your dash to absorb excess moisture.


25. Foggy Headlights? Apply some toothpaste to your head lights, then take a clean cloth or hand towel and wipe them clean.

New tires / car hack
(27. New tires car hack)

24. Dusty car? Use a coffee filter to clean the interior of your car! Its true, coffee filters attract lint and dust.


23. Use a staple remover to put keys on a key ring.


Helpful Car Hacks

22. Electronic locks are great, but what if they fail?

Did you know they are actually covered and you can remove the plastic piece on the handle to uncover the keyhole?

21. Use a hairdryer to take off bumper stickers.


20. Use cupcake holders to line your car cup holders. They are perfect for catching change, dirt and all sorts of other things. They are really easy to clean up too.


19. Use your seat warmer to keep your pizza warm.


18. Add a garage door opener to your console.

Sometimes it can be a pain searching for your garage door remote while trying to pull into your driveway. If only there was a way to push a simple button instead of having to flip the visor down or reach for your garage door opener. Well, as it happens, you can install one in your car quite easily. It’s very simple to do, and will definitely be at the top of your list of clever car hacks. You can follow these step-by-step instructions or watch a video.

17. Do you know what side your gas tank is on? Look at the dash emblem.

In order to locate on which side of the car your gas tank is located, simply look at the gas gauge. There is an arrow beside the fuel icon. It is pointing to the side of the car where the gas tank can be found.


16. Use a matching color nail polish to cover scratches.


15. Use a plunger to pull out dents.

The next time you have a minor dent in your car door, try this one out. It seems to work particularly well for side dents on broad surface areas. Simply grab your toilet plunger and fix it to the side. Then go to work until you pop the dent free. So long as the metal in the dent is not creased, and you can fix your plunger firmly on the area, you should have no problem.


14. Use a tennis ball to keep you from hitting your back wall in the garage

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13. Use a noodle, that fun, common pool toy, to protect your car door.

This next car hack object has been one of the most successful hack items in recent years. It always makes top 10 hack lists for something that can be used for one purpose or another. Simply cut the pool noodle in half and glue each length to one side of your garage where your car door would normally hit if fully opened. Instead, it will now strike the pool noodle, saving your door from damage and prolonging the life of your paint job.


12. Make a vinegar solution to melt windshield ice. Add 2/3 parts vinegar and 1/3 parts water to a spray bottle and mist away.


11. Follow semi-trucks in a traffic jam.

Riding behind semi trucks is troublesome because you can’t see around them to avoid sudden stops. However, in a traffic jam, semi-truck drivers can be your best friends. Semi-truck drivers have radios and talk to each other (plus they have a higher vantage point than you do), so they usually know the easiest way to get out of a traffic jam. Their buddies up ahead tipped them off to which lanes are moving faster. So if you’re stuck in traffic, your best bet is to tuck behind a semi and smoothly sail on through.


10. Only roll down the front windows for best air circulation.

If you’re AC goes out in the middle of the summer, don’t worry. You aren’t completely doomed if you follow this helpful car hack. The breeze will be a lot stronger if you only roll down the driver and passenger windows and keep the back windows closed. This will force the air to circulate rather than go in one window and right back out of the other.


9. Park the car facing east to melt the morning ice on your windshield.


8. Get more gas and less air when you pump slower.

Holding the trigger on the gas pump at 50% allows more gas and less air to enter your gas tank. That means more miles in your tank and more money in your wallet.


7. Hot leather seats? Roll down the passenger window, open the door a few times, then get in the driver seat… the breeze will cool the seats.


6. Hold your key fob to your chin to increase its range.


5. Driving the speed limit can get you somewhere faster.

Civil engineers typically try to time stoplights to work together, so that drivers who are driving the speed limit should hit green lights as they go. Instead of putting the extra wear and tear on your car from constant braking and accelerating when you’re in a hurry, just take a deep breath, drive exactly the speed limit, and trust that the guy who engineered the traffic lights on this particular street did a good job and has you cruising through greens all the way.


4. Use a cereal Tupperware container as a trash can in your car.


3. Put dryer sheets under your seats for a fresher smelling car.


2. Use a Rubberband in your vent to create a cell phone holder.

Helpful hacks




1. Use hot water to pop out dents.

Every once in a while, you have an accident that doesn’t require involving your insurance. Usually, it’s the type of thing where you hit an inanimate object and have minor damage, something like a dented bumper. Well, the next time you do that and want to save yourself a trip to the body shop, try this hack. (This only works on plastic bumpers mind you, but it does work.) If you have a small dent from striking an object, take a pan of boiling hot water and pour it on the dent. The temperature differential will cause the dent to pull out by expanding the plastic back to its original shape. It really is like watching your own private magic show! It works so well that it is one of the traits body shops often use for minor repairs themselves. It’s a great way to save money and time, and you won’t believe how easy it really is.

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