At RMP, we believe teamwork is the key to success. When a group of people work together, focused on the same goal, achievements are met and challenges are overcome. Teamwork requires support, motivation, encouragement, communication and accountability. RMP has successfully built a dedicated team, a team who applies all of this in the workforce daily.


One of the newest members of our inside sales team just challenged herself to complete her first Tough Mudder Half. Tough Mudder is an endurance event series in which obstacle courses test both mental, and physical strength. The obstacles often play on common human fears such as fire, water, electricity and heights. The main principle of the Tough Mudder revolves around teamwork. The Tough Mudder organization values camaraderie throughout the course, designing obstacles that encourage group participation. Participants must commit to helping others complete the course, putting teammates before themselves, and overcoming fears. These principles can also be applied to our day to day lives.


Hearing of this event, one of our sales representatives, Sue Donnelly, was so inspired and so motivated that she registered for the Tri-State Tough Mudder Full event this October. She will be participating in support of The American Cancer Society and encourages anyone interested in the challenge, to reach out and join her team!


We all look at ourselves in the mirror before we come to work. Who do you see? Who do you want your family to see? Who do you want your friends, co-workers, and kids to see? The best version of yourself. That’s who. If we all come to work giving our best effort, we can influence the team to be the best they can be too!



-To join our team, please contact Sue Donnelly, Inside Sales Representative, RMP Northeast. If you would like to start your own team, your can register here.