Tailored Services

Tailored Services

We are proud to have decades of expertise in slitting, oscillating and edging under one roof. In addition to a talented staff, our ISO certification might enhance your confidence in the purchased product and the processes that are followed. Our carefully formed relationships with both domestic and offshore mills will guarantee competitive pricing and instill confidence that material received will be to your own tailored specifications.


We stock an extensive list of material types in a wide range of gauges that are available for spot buying. Inventory is reviewed regularly and replenished based on historical, and anticipated sales. We are always looking for the opportunity to support a new program and will consider stocking additional material for customer specific requirements.


While our inventory and capabilities are extensive, our additional branches are of great assistance whenever needed.


Our Team is continuously trained on processing, safety, materials and the industries we supply.

Delivered Pricing

We often talk about the unpredictability of the transit industry. Many vendors experience issues with their freight carrier whether it be unstable costs, damaged products, and more. A combination of factors and economic developments are behind rising transportation costs. So how does one improve their transportation network? Easy, let us help.


Here at Rolled Metal Products, we strive to maintain positive working relationships with a variety of carriers, LTL, and flatbeds to ensure we achieve competitive pricing to offer our customers door to door delivery. Freight consolidation allows us to leverage costs and pass those savings on to you. In theory, working in partnership can reduce empty running, improve vehicle utilization and reduce carbon emissions for all parties. Ask us about our delivered pricing today.

Delivered Pricing

Oscillate Wound Coil

The process of oscillating is much like a childhood toy, the yoyo. It’s the harmonic fluctuation between two things. For us, it refers to the winding, end to end, of several ribbon wound coils. By doing this, it assures more footage on each oscillating coil. With each wind, the coil wraps around itself creating a perfectly symmetrical wider coil. Conceptually, not unlike a reel of fishing line.


Oscillate wound coils offer a competitive advantage compared to users of ribbon wound coils, which include but are not limited to:

  • Fewer changeovers
  • Reduced start-up problems
  • Less scrap
  • Reduced tool fatigue
  • Longer tool life
  • Longer run times
  • Functional welds

Now let’s talk numbers! As an example, one oscillate-wound coil weighing 2,000 lbs could contain the equivalent of ten (10) ribbon wound coils. This saves you time and money reducing the number of changeovers needed. Let’s break it down a bit further and use this sample for illustrative purposes.


Assume your company has a 201 2B Stainless Steel Strip monthly consumption of 40,000 lbs. Using our example above, to meet that demand, you would need 200 ribbon wound coils. Through our oscillate winding process, we could reduce the 200 coils down to 20 coils. This essentially could reduce your coil feed time by 180 coils freeing production time, reducing wasted scrap and manpower previously needed to make the changeover. Make sense now?

Inventory Management

As most businesses know, the precise handling and level of inventory are vital to its success. At RMP, we have procedures and work instructions in place to detail how we handle, protect and store material from the beginning to end.


• Our employees are trained on the appropriate methods required to handle products, as well as proper crane and forklift usage to prevent damage. Cradles are used under all master coils.
• All material is kept indoors to prevent weather damage and skids are used if it is necessary to stack material.
• Inventory cycle counts are performed to continually assess the condition and exact warehouse location(s) of our material.
• Prior to final shipment, all material is reviewed based on customer specifications for a final packaging inspection and safely loaded securely on the truck for shipment.


Do you have any special, tight tolerance, elevated chemical or physical property, or generally difficult to source products?


At RMP, we stock a wide range of specialty products for a variety of different industries. Challenge us with any of your specialty inquiries. Even if our in-stock material does not meet your specification, we have a wide supply network and can provide quick turnarounds to satisfy your needs.

Packing Solutions

packaging problems

Here at Rolled Metal Products, we offer specialized packaging catered to the parameters you set. As one of our clients, we keep track of the detailed specifications which best suit your needs. By doing so, this provides us the ability to be consistent from shipment to shipment.


Have you experienced frustrations with your supply chain’s delivery method? Let us improve your purchasing experience today.

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We are committed to creating an exceptional experience for all of our customers, employees, and suppliers through a culture of continuous learning and constantly challenging the status quo.