Supporting Sustainable Initiatives

The Rolled Metal Products mission statement emphasizes a culture that is continuously learning, challenging the status quo, and adopting new ideas that make positive impacts on our customers, at our facilities, and on our planet.

We take pride in finding new ways to operate more efficiently and environmentally friendly. This Earth Day, we’d like to share a few ways we support sustainable initiatives.

Scrap Steel

Recycling Scrap

Stainless steel is one of the most recycled materials on the planet and is recycled more than paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass combined. 100 percent recyclable, steel can be recycled into the same material over and over while maintaining its quality. Here at Rolled Metal Products, we make every effort to recycle all our scrap material to help reduce waste and promote sustainability. Read more about the recyclability of stainless steel here:


5S Methodology and Lean Concepts

We continually develop efficiencies in every area of our operations. By implementing 5S Methodologies and Lean Concepts in our daily practices, we reduce and even eliminate waste, thus conserving raw materials, resources, and energy. Learn more about how we have adopted 5S and Lean methods:

RMP Strapping

Recyclable Polyester Strapping

We recently made the switch from steel to recyclable polyester strapping in our packaging lines. Polyester strapping is made from recycled polyester, is also recyclable, requires less energy to produce which creates less greenhouse gas emissions, saves landfill space, is up to four times lighter, and requires less warehouse space – making it a much more sustainable option over steel strapping.

RMP Flanges


We reuse our coil skids as much as possible and have also developed reusable flanges for our oscillate coils which customers can return to us to use for their next order.

Always a Priority

Sustainable and efficient practices will always remain a priority at Rolled Metal Products and we will continue to learn and research new ways to positively impact our company culture, customers, and environment.


Did you know: Rolled Metal Products offers a full range of coil processing, in-house?

Our highly trained team operates 19 slitting lines, 14 edging lines, 4 multi-strand lines, a tempering/gauge reduction line, as well as cut-to-length services across our 3 plants. We pride ourselves on getting the job done right. To work with us on your next project, contact us – we love a good challenge and we want to hear all about yours.