Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency
with Aluminum or Stainless Spiral Duct

Rolled Metal Products stocks all the standard thicknesses of stainless and aluminum coil specifically to slit for your spiral ductwork needs. There are several benefits to choosing spiral duct over rectangular duct for your applications. Their architectural appeal isn’t the only reason why spiral duct has taken center stage as the HVAC ductwork of choice. They’re efficient and help reduce both the manufacturing costs and the costs of installation.



Spiral duct can reduce costs by up to 50% compared to rectangular duct. Factors that can affect the cost include labor, material and aesthetic requirements. Because the round system is lightweight, up to 40% less compared to a rectangular system, it takes fewer support components and significantly less time to install and seal.

Air leakage on the joints and seams on rectangular ductwork is a typical issue that prompts vitality and proficiency misfortune due to holes and poor connections (up to 20-30%). This results in less air being distributed throughout the building or facility, increasing the system’s overall costs.
With spiral duct, the smooth, round design creates fewer locations for air to leak through while also equalizing the internal air pressure. This produces smooth, fast airflow throughout the ductwork and into the building – ultimately reducing costs.



Air moving through rectangular ducts is forced to move around edges, turning vanes, and dampers, reducing airflow and creates noise and vibrations. The smooth edges of stainless spiral duct eliminates unnecessary noise issues, creating a quieter, more efficient system.



With exceptional drawing and forming characteristics, Type 304 Stainless Steel is the most versatile and widely used austenitic grade providing excellent resistance to a wide range of corrosives. It also has good elevated temperature properties and excellent toughness at cryogenic temperatures.  

Materials: Type 304
Gauges: 18ga – 26ga
Diameters: 2″ – 84″
Finishes: 2B


3003 Aluminum is a pure aluminum grade widely used because it is moderately strong, affordable and can resist corrosion. Although it is not heat treatable, it can be easily welded. This alloy has great machinability that can be formed using hot working and cold working methods. The surface has a highly polished finish making it an attractive choice. 

5052 Aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion and performs well when used in slightly alkaline conditions. Common with aluminum alloys, this metal also has excellent thermal conductivity and low densityIt is widely utilized due to its formability and toughness. Also heat treatment can be used on this metal, use cold working to make it hardenable. 

Materials: 3003 Aluminum, 5052 Aluminum
Gauges: 10ga – 18ga
Diameters: 2″ – 84″
Finishes: 2B


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