Safety is no accident

Many workplace accidents can be prevented through awareness of one’s surroundings and focusing on the task at hand. “SafeStart” is a program developed by Electrolab Training Systems focused on workplace safety.


SafeStart recognizes the most common factors contributing to human error is not lack of knowledge but these four states: rushing, frustration, fatigue, and complacency. Through decades of investigating real injuries in the workforce, it is concluded these four states lead to a specific group of errors. The SafeStart “State-to-Error Diagram” (Figure 1) explains the pattern in which accidents occur, “four states lead to four errors, which increase the risk of injury”. SafeStart reinforces practical techniques to improve awareness, a concept which can be applied across every industry, including at home and on the road.















Figure 1 – SafeStart State-to-Error Diagram


According to Arbill, a company dedicated to workplace safety, the most common workplace injury is caused by overexertion. This includes activities that involve pulling, lifting, carrying and so on. The next most common injury is slipping/tripping. This is due to a lack of focus causing a person to trip over something lying on the ground or falling on a wet or slippery floor. Other injuries include falling off an object or from falling objects dropped by another person.


Education on workplace safety and proper safety equipment can significantly reduce accidents and injuries. There are many programs and consulting organizations available. Safety is the responsibility of both the employer and the employee. Staying focused can be tough, it is a deliberate action which requires practice. The upside is improved focus leads to increased productivity…on the job and at home.



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