Rolled Metal Products’ (RMP) paperless warehouse implementation included a full complement of STRATIX features such as on-line production planning, shop floor receipt of goods, on-line production scheduling, shop-floor production recording, wireless shop-floor functions, and on-line shipment planning.


Rolled Metal Products’ paperless solution started with the use of the STRATIXon-line Production Planning function where multiple order items can be highlighted and grouped together to create a multi-step slitting and oscillate job. For slitting jobs, the planner can specify the arbor layout, OD breaks, as well as additional slitting specific functions such as run full or partial, slit and re-slit, and trim. The planner also utilized the narrow coil single and multi-strand production functions available in STRATIX.


Steve Pearce, President of Rolled Metal Products, comments, “The biggest benefit from our paperless implementation of STRATIX in the warehouse has been the flexibility to change our production schedule in real-time to meet customer requirements – it has made scheduling changes a frictionless process. It has helped make us very responsive for quick turnaround orders and eliminated us having to manually pull printed paperwork which is time consuming and error prone.”

Once the job is planned, the on-line Production Scheduling function allows the production team to make changes to the sequencing of the jobs before releasing these jobs to the warehouse for production. These scheduled jobs then appear on the line-up in the warehouse, ready to start production where operators then view the job work orders directly on the screen.

Pearce also comments, “The real-time, shop floor data collection functions also provide an exact status of an order in production whether it is picked, slit, or oscillate wound or in shipping if the order is planned for shipment or shipped. The visibility our salespeople have of their orders has been a huge benefit, with our sales staff able to quickly and accurately provide the status for our customers.”

RMP also uses the full suite of STRATIX features including sales, purchasing, receiving, inventory management, multi-step production, production scheduling, delivery and logistics planning, invoicing, and financials.