Looking SHARP in Tennessee

SHARP recognizes companies who have developed safety and health management systems and safety programs that are the result of a partnership between employees, management, and TOSHA’s consultative services program.
Qualified workplaces have exemplary safety and health programs and injury rates below the national averages for their industry.


Acceptance by TOSHA as a SHARP workplace is a prestigious recognition of a company’s accomplishments as there are only 15 workplaces in Tennessee that currently hold the title of over 150,000 companies in the state.

Safety First

Safety has always been the first priority for RMP – not just to earn these honors – but because it is the right thing to do and we want to keep our team safe. This team approach, with the extra emphasis on employee involvement, is key.


Our Rolled Metal Products South Team looking SHARP in Tennessee!

At Rolled Metal Products, employee safety holds tremendous importance. We believe every employee has the right to work in a safe and healthy environment. We have safety practices implemented in our daily work routine as well as in emergency situations. In the event of a fire, we use RACE, and we have made The 5S Methodology a part of our daily practice.