For over 30 years, Rolled Metal Products has been an industry leader in providing high productivity oscillate wound steel coil, helping our customers reduce production costs and increase overall productivity.

We can produce oscillate wound coils in a wide range of widths, weights, and other coil dimensions that can be customized to accommodate your coil processing equipment and material specs. Oscillate wound coils allow us to join individual coils, slit them to your finished width and oscillate wind them onto individual spools for use in your operating facilities.


Our 4 multistrand lines offer a wide range of winding capabilities shown below:

Thickness: 0.003″ / 0.125″
Width: 0.125″ / 1.875″
Max OD:  40″
Recoiler ID: 16″, 20″, 5” bore reel

Oscillate Winding Applications

Oscillate Winding has applications across many industries that perform stamping and metal forming operations. Some industries we proudly serve include:

Steel Grades and Types

Many steel grades and types can be oscillate wound, including:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Nickel Alloys
  • HSLA
  • High Carbon
  • Low Carbon Cold Rolled
  • Galvanized

Advantages of Oscillate Winding

There are several advantages to choosing oscillate winding for your production requirements:

  • Increased Production Runs and Coil Yields
  • Longer Tool Life
  • Longer Run Times
  • Reduced Scrap
  • Reduced Setup Time
  • Fewer Changeovers and Reduced Labor
  • Improved Worker Safety with Reduced Handling of Coil

Want to learn more about Rolled Metal Products’ oscillate winding capabilities?

Our experts can provide you a cost analysis of savings you can return using our oscillate winding services based on your specifications. Contact us today!