Think training workers on how to use new technology is all you have to do to get them actually using it? Think again! Here’s the ultimate list for completely integrating it in your company!




  • Compare various technologies to make sure you’re picking the right program for your company. Give them your overall conception of what your company will be able to do by integrating this new tool. Have different groups use different programs and get feedback from them before you adopt something new.


  • Communicate the technology’s relevance to each individual employee’s role. Their needs come first in their world. If you can’t tell them how it will make things easier, save them time, or generally add some value to their lives, they will be more resistant.


  • Make sure it’s simple to use. Even some of your most valuable workers may not be tech savvy.


  • Use different training methods for different users. Some will respond to a demonstration, others will use a written guide to refer to as they become familiar with it.


  • Have the first ones that utilize the new program to coach the others. When employees can work horizontally within the company, it’s usually helpful.





  • Make the process too fast at the beginning and too slow at the end. Take your time to really shop around to find out what will work best for your industry, location, and talent. But once you’ve implemented it, require that it be part of the routine.


  • Make it inconvenient to use. If it continues to take a few extra steps for most and is only easier for a few, they’ll find a way around it.


  • Forget to make it clear how this new equipment, software, or technology will help them make more sales, faster decisions, or help them be more productive. Then use incentives to reward those using it first. Use publicity within the company or add some type of compensation or perks to recognize the ones who get on board first.



Recently, 63% of employees surveyed said “the pace of technological change in their workplaces is too slow.” They attribute a lot of this to ineffective explanations by those initiating the change about the benefits the new technology will have in the workplace. Once they understand why it’s an improvement, understand how to use it, and see how it benefits them, you’ll have them on board!