Manufacturing is entering a digital revolution that will fundamentally shift the way that businesses in the sector operate.

The next manufacturing age, known as Industry 4.0, shares several goals with the previous three industrial revolutions. These include increased speed to market, quality and cost-effectiveness.

However, the similarities end there. Where mass production and global economies of scale were game changers in earlier chapters, the factories of the future aim for greater flexibility and individualisation.

A range of developing technologies are challenging existing production models by enabling secure, plant-wide connectivity between machines, people, information and business processes. These include:

  1. The Internet of Things (IoT)

  2. Advanced data collection and analytics

  3. Human-machine collaboration

  4. Additive manufacturing (AM)

  5. Low- or no-code business applications

These technologies are poised to be a major catalyst for growth across the sector, enabling manufacturers to ramp up productivity and output, as well as focus on new business interests. Exploring the potential of these technologies now can make or break your business success in the future.

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