Our Deep Draw Inventory is Expanding!

Deep drawing is a method of metal forming that uses metal dies to form coils or sheets of metal into a chosen shape. Deep drawing has several advantages for manufacturers. After initially setting up the tooling and dies, large production quantities result in lower costs compared to other processes. This lower cost per unit, combined with greater efficiency in production for increased output provide huge benefits to manufacturers.

There are further advantages over other processes. Shapes can be formed with minimal strain on the strength of the material. Also, deep drawing can produce shapes that other techniques can’t produce – especially cylinders.

The most common materials used for deep draw stainless applications are 300 series austenitic stainless steels. In particular, 304L with high Nickel content is the material of choice for deep draw stainless applications such as cans, eyelets, tubes, caps and ferrules. Rolled Metal Products stocks a wide array of 304L 9% minimum Nickel and higher stainless steel coil. Our stock ranges from very thin gauge (.008”) to heavy gauge (.105”). We also stock additional grades suitable for deep draw applications such as 305, 316 and 321. Give us a call today with your deep draw stainless steel requirements.