• In April 2016, we added a new 10 ton crane in building 1, bay 2 by our 48” slitter. This crane was added to improve efficiency by allowing the helper and packaging area to use this new crane while the 15 ton crane is being used to load the 48” slitter and pull/return master coils in/out of inventory for the next order.

• Also in April 2016, we added a new 5 ton crane in building 1, bay 1, in order to allow the 4Hi mill to have greater access to a crane to improve performance of that machine. This has worked very well as we’ve achieved a 13% improvement to date in productivity since installing it.


“Rushing” is one of the top factors that contribute to injuries and quality errors in the work place!

Our additional cranes have eliminated employees “rushing” to get to a crane before they are in use by others. Our new cranes have also decreased our down time between slitter setups. How does this impact our customers? Decreasing our downtime creates better lead times allowing us to service your requirements more efficiently!