smiling faces

Inspire to be a “smover”!

The scope of the sales industry is always changing and there have been numerous articles written about the pursuit of success. Over time, many showcase a less than positive and energetic approach to their current and/or potential client(s).

It’s time to shake things up a bit. Remember, it is the client who is doing you, the sales person, a favor…not the other way around. Do you want to see a change in your performance? Then you need to change your approach. You need to smile. You need to move. It sounds so simple, right?


How To Smile:

Wake Up: Engage with care and attention

Be Thankful: The opportunity to serve is a gift

Be Approachable: We’re at each other’s service

Complain Less: Being positive is more fun

Smile (Really): It’s where pleasantness begins


How To Move:

Start Early & Go Long: Get lost in your service to others

Exceed Expectations: Expect more from yourself

Have A Sense Of Urgency: Everyone’s time is valuable

Be Resourceful & Resilient: Results are what we’re all after




Watch the inspiring 3-minute Smile & Move video and learn more about the book and movement by using this link.

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