During the Coronavirus outbreak, satisfying our customers and protecting our employees are our greatest concerns.  We have implemented the following practices:

  • Visitors are restricted. The only exceptions will be for business-critical issues that will require outside assistance.
  • We will only visit customers at their request. Typical day to day business will continue as usual with customer interaction via email or phone.
  • We are in constant contact with our suppliers regarding our steel orders. Currently, all suppliers are indicating there are no plans to curtail or shutdown production.   There appears to be enough logistic availability to move material to us and to our customers.
  • We plan to keep our business open and production at full capacity. We are following the guidelines set forth by the CDC, federal, state and local governments.

We have also taken internal measures to educate all employees about Coronavirus awareness and minimize the contact of our employees with each other in confined spaces.

  • We have taken steps to provide all employees with the latest CDC information regarding Coronavirus awareness and precautions.
  • We have requested our team to follow the CDC guidelines for proper personal safety.
  • Where possible, we have enabled employees to work from home, while staying in full contact with our customers.
  • We have asked our team stay home if sick.  If someone does come to work and they are exhibiting symptoms, they will be sent home.
  • All sit down meetings that require any of our staff to be in close proximity to each for a period of time have been reconfigured or cancelled until further notice.    We are using the social distancing rules of 6 feet of separation and remote communication.
  • Work spaces are being sanitized on a regular basis, and disinfectants have been made available to all employees.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.