HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems can be one of the biggest investments businesses can make for their office buildings and warehouses. HVAC systems utilize ducting pipes and passageways to move hot and cold air throughout the building. Selecting the right material can help reduce operating and HVAC maintenance costs in the long run. There are specific advantages of choosing to install spiral ductwork over the traditional rectangular ducts in your HVAC systems.

Spiral Duct Advantages for HVAC Systems

Spiral Duct Cost Effective

1. Cost-Effective
Spiral duct requires nearly 50% less sheet metal, and in most cases, does not need as many workers to install for the same airflow rate as rectangular duct, significantly reducing overall installation costs. With fewer places for air to leak, the use of spiral duct also reduces repair and maintenance costs.

Spiral Duct Easy to Clean

2. Easy to Clean
Occasionally, dirt buildup causes ducts to turn brown. With spiral ductwork, it is very simple to clean – no need to hire a professional!

Spiral Duct Space Saving

3. Space Saving
Traditional rectangular duct requires additional space of up to three inches to fit in reinforcements and connections into the joints. Spiral duct does not require this and can fit easily into any space.

Spiral Duct Low Leakage Rates

4. Low Leakage Rates
Air leakage is a common problem encountered with HVAC use. Spiral duct has fewer joints and connectors than rectangular duct and is also easier to seal – reducing leakage and waste. Fewer leaks mean a more efficient, energy and cost-saving HVAC system.

Reduced Pressure Loss

5. Reduced Pressure Loss
Spiral ductwork is fully sealed which allows the fan speed to increase and operating pressure to be compensated. Less static pressure is lost giving you improved, better quality airflow.

Spiral Duct Low Noise

6. Low Noise Level
Spiral ductwork produces less noise than traditional rectangular duct because the duct fittings equalize the pressure as the air flows through the pipe. The seamless, curved features of spiral duct reduce friction and allow the air to travel through the duct smoothly with balanced pressure, reducing unpleasant noise and rattling.

Overall, spiral duct provides several great benefits over rectangular duct that can help improve your HVAC’s efficiency while also reducing overall operating costs.

Stainless Steel & Aluminum Slit Coil for Spiral Duct Applications

Rolled Metal Products stocks a full range of stainless steel and aluminum slit coil for all your spiral duct fabrication requirements. Our experienced team members are ready to assist you in choosing the right material and can help you find ways to reduce your overall costs. Get in touch with us today!