A healthy and pleasing work environment is an essential part of employee satisfaction and productivity. One particular way to provide a good working environment while also reducing operating costs is choosing spiral duct over traditional rectangular duct. Here are 5 reasons why:

Easy Installation

1. Easy Maintenance and Installation

Spiral duct requires nearly 50% less sheet metal, and in most cases, does not need as many workers to install for the same airflow rate as rectangular duct, significantly reducing overall installation costs. With fewer places for air to leak, the use of spiral duct also reduces repair and maintenance costs.

Improved Air Quality

2. Improved Air Quality

The round shape of spiral ducts makes them easier to clean and does not have sharp corners and areas that rectangular ducts have where dust, dirt, and mold can collect. Better air quality means healthier, happier employees.

3. Aesthetic Appearance

A visually appealing work environment improves employee satisfaction and promotes productivity. Spiral duct has exceptional appearance qualities over bulky rectangular duct. Its round appearance adds a unique, attractive look and feel to the work area allowing buildings, in many cases, to eliminate drop ceilings to expose the ductwork.

Saves Energy

4. Saves Energy

Spiral duct has fewer joints and connectors than rectangular duct and is also easier to seal – reducing leakage and waste. Fewer leaks mean a more efficient, energy and cost-saving HVAC system.

Peaceful work environment

5. Peaceful Working Environment

Noise pollution can be frustrating and distracting and is common when working with rectangular ducts. The seamless, curved features of spiral duct reduce friction and allow the air to travel through the duct smoothly, reducing unpleasant noise and rattling. A quiet environment improves employee focus and promotes overall productivity.

Overall, spiral duct provides several great benefits over rectangular duct that can help improve employee satisfaction, increase worker productivity, while also reducing overall operating costs.

Stainless Steel & Aluminum Slit Coil for Spiral Duct Applications

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